Soul Purpose Astrology - Aligning with the Heavens

Marcus Mason


Soul-purpose astrology can help us understand the relationship between our inner reality and our outer environment. It can help us to align with our true purpose and manifest that in all areas of our lives.

I offer astrology and astro-cartography readings, talks, courses and workshops.

A personal birth chart offers a detailed map of behavioural, psychological and spiritual patterns and the journey towards wholeness and remembering your soul’s purpose. The chart can indicate past-life imprints, unresolved issues (karma) that the soul is carrying into this lifetime, and ‘soul contracts’ that need to be fulfilled. It can show how to release and heal the past, and align with your soul’s purpose to manifest your creative potentials in all areas of life.


Our relationship with the planets and stars

Before the advent of street lights and concrete, people could clearly see the movements of the planets and stars above, whilst feeling the subtle emanations from Earth beneath. In recent times we have lost this direct perception of our place within the natural rhythms and cycles of the the Earth, planets and Cosmos. We now live in a culture that mostly doubts whether these factors can have any discernible effect upon us at all. In times past such connections and effects were self-evident.

Even in comparatively recent times, this ancient wisdom was embraced by such profound and wise scientific thinkers as astronomers Johannes Kepler and Sir Isaac Newton, and the pioneers of psychoanalysis and psycho-synthesis, Carl Jung and Roberto Assagioli. 

These great scientists and thinkers were by no means feeble-minded or gullible, yet many people choose to dismiss their study of astrology as delusion, aberration or superstition. Perhaps this tells us more about the limitations in the thinking of those who criticise, than it does about the wisdom of those who understood that the rhythms and cycles of the planets have an influence on our human behaviour patterns.

Happily, ancient wisdom and the sharp (quantum-based) end of modern science are beginning to converge to evolve a new overview of our integral place within the Cosmos. It is becoming increasingly clear that solar events, solar flares, solar storms and solar magnetic pole reversals have a profound effect on the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF), its climate, weather patterns and even its financial patterns. We also know that the Sun's changing cycles and behaviour are affecting the weather systems on all of the planets in the solar system, not just the Earth.

It is also apparent that the influence of the solar wind on Earth’s EMF has a profound effect on human behaviour and emotions. You only need to watch the news on days when there is a large solar flare to see this. Such discoveries are bringing a modern understanding of the relationships between the Sun, Moon, Earth and planets into alignment with the ancient wisdom of Astrology, which was once universal knowledge.

Soul-purpose Astrology Reading


Together we will explore your Astrology chart from the perspective of your soul’s evolution, looking at behavioural, psychological, spiritual and past-life patterns. We will consider how these patterns may be holding you back, and how to heal them so that you can move forward and live your true Life-Purpose.

My approach differs from that of many other astrologers, so a full reading is essential, even if you have had previous readings from others. 

A full 90 minute reading includes:

  • an overview of your birth chart (personal, psychological and spiritual patters, and potentials), and how these manifest in relationships, career, values, finances, family, creativity, children, hopes, dreams and spiritual aspirations.

  • upcoming trends - the moving 'age progression' point and planetary transits for the next 18 months and how best to negotiate these changes.

  • an Astro-cartography maps overview, showing the best places for you to live or visit in order to unlock your full potentials

Readings can be either in person in Devon and Cornwall, UK, or online if you are unable to come and see me. All readings are recorded onto DVD, or posted in the Cloud for download, and include all relevant astrology charts and astro-cartography maps.

Please Note: For all readings it is important that your birth time is accurate to within 10 - 15 minutes, for you to receive an accurate reading. For more detailed Astro-cartography readings (see below), your birth time needs to be accurate to within 5 minutes. If you are not sure that your birth time is accurate, you can arrange for a chart rectification, before you have your reading.


Finding your place on the Earth

Astro-cartography (ACG) maps show the positions of the planets in a birth chart, relative to the surface of the Earth.

The planets’ positions overhead give rise to patterns that resonate with the Earth’s subtle energy-grids. Places on or near ACG lines help to connect you with the planetary potentials of your birth chart. A personal ACG map gives a picture of your present, past and future relationship with different places on Earth, wherever planetary lines pass close by. 


ACG maps can also be used for significant planetary alignments, to discover the places on the Earth, where those energies can be felt most strongly, or worked with through ceremony or meditation at sacred sites.

When used in conjunction with an astrology reading, your ACG maps can be helpful if you:

  • are planning to move home, but uncertain exactly where to move to.

  • wish to travel to places that will put you more in touch with your planetary potentials and integrate them more fully into your life.

  • wish to unlock your past-life connections with particular countries or places.

Talks, Workshops and Classes

I offer talks and workshops on the significance of current and future astrological alignments and events, and classes for beginners and advanced astrologers, but in 2018 I am focussing on writing.

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