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new moon
THURSDAY 1st aug
full moon
weds 14th aug

New Moon - women only - Red Moon/Red Tent/Red Temple

Full Moon - women and men - Chakra Moon Meditations and planetary influences

You can read more in the event description on our Diary page.


Visit the beautiful Crystal Barn
Browse, drink tea, chat with like-minded people. Maybe walk in the woods on the Cotehele Estate.

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new date soon

For all those of you who are too far away to visit me and my beautiful Crystal Barn in person, these online events are a response to your many requests to reach out to you.

SUNDAY 11 august
Sue’s Crystal Barn
near Callington


In this inspiring and informative talk, Marcus looks at how the laws and principles governing the movement of both the planets in the heavens and energy in the acupuncture meridians can inform us about working with the Earth’s energy grids for planetary healing.


courses & workshops


Marcus Mason and Sue Weaver offer courses and workshops in Astrology, Chakras, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Earth Mysteries, Shamanism, and much more, depending on the inspiration of the time. Sue teaches a recognised professional Diploma in Crystal Healing with Cornwall School of Crystal Healing. She also works with Lu Wray, as part of Walk in Beauty, offering Medicine Wheel and Shamanism teachings. We have visiting teachers who have expertise in a wide variety of subjects, including Herb Walks, Incense Making, Dreamcatcher Making with traditional teachings, Drum making and Reiki.



Marcus is an acupuncturist with over 30 years experience. He also offers Astrology and Astro-cartography readings, in Cornwall and worldwide via the magic of online technology.

Sue is a Crystal and Shamanic Healer, mentor and wise woman, working from her healing hearth and also at a distance.

Together, Sue and Marcus offer Crystal Meridian Therapy, with their combined 60+ years of experience. We are fully booked for Crystal Meridian Therapy in 2018.


sacred journeys


We organise Sacred Journeys to some amazing places, within our islands and beyond. Our journeys are very different from many others, in that our focus is on both special places on our planet and significant astrological events - hence Heaven & Earth. Whereas the intent of many sacred journeys is to provide strong personal experiences, our primary intent is to be in service to the  planet at this powerful time. Many people do also have very profound experiences as a fortunate bonus gift!


crystal shop

Sue has been selling beautiful crystals and jewellery from the Crystal Barn at her home for over 30 years. She has Open Days about once a month, where you can drop in for a delicious slow shopping experience, bathing in the peaceful energy, with a cup of herbal tea and possibly a gentle walk in the woods later. You can also join her Facebook Group - Sue Weaver's Crystal Barn Online, for online events that aim to bring Sue's expertise and the beautiful energy of her physical Crystal Barn and healing hearth to a wider audience. A new venture is an online shop with crystals, chakra kits, crystal boxes, aura sprays, smudging herbs, home blessing kits, and much more. 


sacred ceremony

At Heaven & Earth Community we honour and celebrate the cycles of the Sun, with our Wheel of the Year Ceremonies. We honour Moon Cycles and hold New Moon and Full Moon Ceremony. We also work in powerful  ceremony with astrological events, such as Eclipses and significant planetary alignments. These may be a part of, or the reason for, our Sacred Journeys. We are also honoured to assist people in planning, creating and celebrating their own unique personal ceremonies for healing, blessing, birth, baby naming, initiation, commitment, marriage, life celebration and much more. 


healing earth

For most of our evolutionary history we have known and understood that we are a part of the natural world, deeply and intimately connected to all of Life. With the industrial revolution we began to move away from the land, and over the past 30 years the speed of separation has increased rapidly as we take more and more and give back less and less. 

Nature reconnects us and reminds us who we are. For many years we have been gathering here to honour and celebrate the turning of the seasons with Wheel of the Year ceremonies. 

As well as gathering for an afternoon or evening of ceremony, we now invite people to join us for a day, a weekend or longer periods -  working as a circle and caring for the land. We have planted more fruit trees, built two polytunnels to grow more food and herbs, started up our first new beehive and are in the midst of creating a new, more accessible ceremony space with it’s own compost loo nearby. We plan to extend the chicken flock and continue growing more food and herbs and co-creating more beauty - working as a loving community in ways that enable us to express our gifts and learn from each other, while giving back to Mother Nature.


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