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Marcus and Sue have been leading Sacred Journeys together to many places around the world. Over the last 10 years we have travelled, explored and shared many powerful and magical experiences with groups in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Denmark, Hawaii, Alaska and the Canary Islands.


We bring together many years' individual experience of working in a conscious way with the balance of the feminine and masculine. We work with Planetary Chakra Meditations, Ceremony, Astrology, Earth Energies, Sound Healing and Sacred Geometric Crystal Grid Patterns.

Our primary focus is always towards healing our relationship with Mother Earth at this pivotal time, rather than providing a personal spiritual experience for participants. Inevitably, such personal experiences do occur in powerful and profound ways, by letting go of self and working together in community, in service to Mother Earth and Father Sky. You can read about what people have to say about working with us.

Our journeys usually are timed to coincide with significant planetary alignments, such as major planetary conjunctions or eclipses, in order to receive the healing potential of those celestial energies and anchor them into Earth's energy grids, thus helping to bring Heaven to Earth.

Stonehenge Planetary Temple of the Solar System Sacred Journeys

4 sacred journeys from 2019 to 2022


We are preparing for an exciting  series of Sacred Journeys for 2019 – 2022, which will be focussed on completing over 20 years’ work with the vast planetary orbit patterns in the landscape that are focused around Stonehenge. This will involve 4 journeys to England and South Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and France. 



About this exciting and inspirational work - can you help?

Our focus is to introduce people to working with the vast landscape temple of the Planets of the Solar System, which was uncovered by Marcus, back in the 1990’s. Since then, he has worked with others to identify the main sites on each planetary orbit and help anchor and rebalance their frequencies in the landscape, using crystal grids, meditations, sacred ceremony and mini sacred journeys. To date, a small group have worked in this way with all the planets and main asteroids out as far as Neptune. All that remains to complete this vast and beautiful planetary work, is to work with Pluto, which is the purpose of this sequence of journeys. Pluto’s orbit is vast. In relation to Stonehenge as the Sun, it extends out along the west coast of Ireland, into Scotland, then across the North Sea into northern Germany and roughly the middle of France. It will require 4 separate journeys to visit and work with all the sites along Pluto’s orbit.  

The journeys are designed to work together as a sequence. So, whilst it is possible to join us for just one or two individual journeys, we encourage you to aim to come on all, or as many of them as possible, if you feel drawn to this work. This is why we are spacing them out to one a year and working hard to keep the costs as low as possible. In this way, you will be able to contribute your input, wisdom, energy and love into the process of completing, harmonising and healing this vast planetary landscape temple.

This work feels particularly important at a time when Britain is (very clumsily) severing political and economic ties with our neighbours - Ireland, Germany, France (and other EU members). Given the seeming inevitability of this “divorce”, it feels crucial to ensure that we work in this way to maintain the spiritual and energetic relationship between these lands, to heal and release the past and help ensure that the Spirits of these lands (and by extension, their inhabitants) move into healthy right relationship in the future.

Pluto is about spiritual power and spiritual sovereignty. On these sacred journeys, we will need to address and heal the past abuse or misuse of this power, so that this vast, intricate web of sacred sites, which was created long before national boundaries came into being, may once again resonate a deep inner harmony into these lands, whilst enabling each land to maintain its spiritual integrity and spiritual sovereignty.

Journey 1 – 27th September to 4th October 2019 – England

Introducing the Stonehenge Planetary Temple of the Solar System - Sun to Saturn

This journey is now fully booked but there will be lots of opportunities to link in with us at various stages. Please follow Sue’s Blog or keep an eye on our Facebook page.

This first journey will introduce participants to working with the Planetary Temple of the Solar System, and the patterns of the planetary orbits that radiate from Stonehenge (the Sun), out as far the Rollright Stones (Saturn) in Oxfordshire. We will visit many well-known, and some lesser known sacred sites on orbit paths of all the planets in between.

Throughout our journey, we will stay at accommodation in one location, near to Stonehenge and make our daily journeys out to the sites from here.  

As well as some of the lesser-known sites on our journey, we will also visit Woodhenge and Durrington Walls, Stapleford and Orcheston churches, Old Sarum, Marden Henge, Avebury, Wayland’s Smithy, Uffington White Horse and the Dragon Hill.

On this journey, we will also encounter and work with the interweavings of several great dragon lines, energy lines and leylines: These include the Michael-Mary “Rainbow Serpent” line, the “Great Ley” that runs through Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Woodhenge (and eventually to Canterbury), the “Stonehenge Ley” that runs from south of Salisbury and Old Sarum, through Stonehenge, Avebury and on beyond to the North, and the “Belinus-Elen” line, running up the spine of Britain from the Isle of Wight to Scotland, passing through the sites at Uffington and the Rollrights, on its way.

We very much hope that you will feel called to this work and be able to join us help rebalance the planetary frequencies in the land, on this unique sacred adventure.

Journey 2 – Summer 2020 – Wales, Ireland & Scotland 

Sun to chiron, neptune and Pluto

On this journey of 17-18 days, we will again begin at Stonehenge and then travel along the energy line that connects Stonehenge to Gors Fawr Circle and the Preseli Hills in Wales, from where the Stonehenge bluestones originate. On our way to South Wales, we will visit sites connecting us with the energies of Chiron, Neptune and Uranus; these will include Stanton Drew stone circles, Trellech stone row and holy well, Gors Fawr stone circle, Pentre Ifan dolmen and the magical Skomer Island.

We will take the ferry to Ireland to begin our pilgrimage to connect and work with sites that hold the powerfully transformative energies of Pluto, whose vast planetary orbit will take us along the entire west coast of Ireland, and eventually to sites in Scotland (Journey 3) and into Germany, Switerland and France (Journey 4).

As Pluto is very much concerned with the use (and abuse) of spiritual and political power, our journey through the sacred sites of Ireland will be focussed on healing and releasing the wounds of the past between Britain and Ireland. We will work with crystal essences at the sacred sites, with the intention to assist in the release of any remaining energetic threads that negatively bind Britain and Ireland to their past, and to help rebalance and restore the spiritual sovereignty of both nations. Amongst several other sites on our journey through Ireland, we will visit Castleruddery stone circle, the magnificent Lios at Grange (the largest stone circle in Ireland), Skellig Michael island, Kenmare and Uragh stone circles, sites at Cong, Croagh Patrick and Caher Island, Carrowkeel and Carrowmore, Tory Island, and Beltany stone circle.

We will complete our Irish journey in Northern Ireland at Beaghmore and Ballynoe stone circles, before taking the ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan in Scotland, where we will plant the energetic seeds for our next journey and connect with the spirit of Scotland at Torhouskie Stone Circle and Cairn Holy, to the south of Glasgow. Then we will stay close to Glasgow Airport, ready for our flights home.

Journey 3 – Scotland - Summer 2021 - Scotland including islands

Pluto and more

Our third journey of 13 - 14 days will take us to Scotland, to continue working with the sacred sites along Pluto’s orbit in relation to Stonehenge, as well as including several other important sites en route. Our journey will take us to the isle of Arran for the magnificent Auchenar standing stone and the unique group of six stone circles on Machrie Moor. From Arran we will travel north to Kilmartin Valley, which is littered with ancient sites, such as Nether Largie Lunar observatory stone row and cairn, Temple Wood stone circle and nearby, Kintraw cairn and standing stone. Then on to Mull and Iona, to connect with the magical faery realm at Lochbuie stone circle, to Dervaig Church with its stained-glass windows of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and Dervaig Stone Row, which connects to the  ancient northern “giants”, or creator gods.

On Iona, we will absorb the deep spiritual heritage and magic of this unique island, visiting the Abbey, St Oran’s chapel, the rocky mound known as St. Columba’s chair, where he used to meditate, the Hill of Angels and the Well of Eternal Youth.

From Iona, we will take a boat trip to the isle of Staffa and Fingal’s Cave, with its imposing basalt columns, to connect directly with the volcanic energy of Pluto that links deep into the Earth below – this is one of the most powerful and beautiful places on the planet. From Iona and Mull, we will go to a little-known ancient Serpent Mound, before heading east along Loch Ness, via Corrimory Cairn, to the Clava Cairns near Inverness.

From here we will visit the area around Aberdeen, with its unique clustering of Recumbent Stone Circles. This type of recumbent circle exists only in this area around Aberdeen because, at these latitudes, every 18.6 years at southernmost Moon-rise, the Moon is framed for up to an hour between the two flanking stones, as it appears to roll along the surface of the horizontal recumbent stone between them. One of these recumbent stone circles will play host to our Pluto ceremony.

From Aberdeenshire, we will journey to the ancient spiritual centre of Scotland at Fortingall to complete our journey and give thanks at the 5,000 year old yew tree and three adjacent stone circles.

Journey 4 – Germany, Switzerland, France – Summer 2022 

GermanY and France (with a brief visit to Switzerland)

Our fourth and final journey in this powerful series of work will be 15-16 days and will take us to mainland Europe, beginning with flights arriving into Hamburg, Germany.

We will travel north to Schleswig-Holstein region, where the Michael-Mary Rainbow Serpent energy line arrives from the North Sea and crosses the base of the Jutland peninsula, before heading off towards islands in Denmark and the Baltic Sea. This narrow piece of land is dotted with hundreds of ancient dolmens, barrows and standing stones, from west to east. We will spend two days visiting and working with ceremony at just a few of these to begin anchoring the energies of the Pluto orbit into Europe.

From here, we will head south to the east of Detmold, for the impressive Externsteine, perhaps Germany’s most significant sacred site. It was used as a place of power by the SS during WW11, but much healing work has taken place over the years; we will continue that process of healing and restoration of the light to this magnificent, powerful and very ancient natural wonder.

Our journey will continue south to the east of Dusseldorf, for another powerful natural outcrop at the Hohenstein, where ancient Germanic tribes are believed to have worshipped Nerthus, the fertility goddess and Earth Mother.

From here, to the magnificent and largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe at Koln (Cologne); then south of Frankfurt to the area around Mannheim for stone rows, standing stones and a stone circle.

At most locations on our journey we will overnight for two nights at the same hotel and then move on; there may be just one or two one-nighters, in order to get us to everywhere that we need to be.

Our journey will continue southwards, taking in a stone seat with rock art, several menhirs and more dolmens, as we enter France. It occurred to Marcus, whilst planning this journey that there are a lot of dolmens involved on this journey; Pluto is concerned with connecting the heavens above with the “underworld” below; dolmens are perfect portals for experiencing the meeting of these two realms. We have chosen some of the very best ones for you to visit and make our ceremonies, prayers and healing intentions!

As we continue in a south-westerly arc, we will arrive at the exquisite waterfall, caves and wooded ravine at the Source du Lison, from where energy lines and ley lines radiate out in all directions throughout France and Europe. From here, we will make a brief foray into Switzerland, to ancient sites on the shores of Lake Geneva, and to carry our healing intentions to connect with the seat of the United Nations and World Health Organisation, at Geneva.

Then, back into France for another powerful natural outcrop at Solutre-Pouilly, followed by some more menhirs, dolmens and stone circles or “cromlechs”, as we head in the direction of Bordeaux. We will complete our sacred journey at sites to the south of Bordeaux, where we will anchor in and complete the sacred intention of all 4 of our journeys throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland and France.

We will fly out of Bordeaux airport, which has connecting flights back to Hamburg, as well as to other major hub airports in the UK and France, and connect with your flights back home.