sacred earth

Our Mother Earth, Gaia is a living, sentient, evolving being.


As well as the myriad forms and wonders of her physical beauty, she has multi-layered subtle energy webs, interwoven with subtle energy meridians and vortices where these energies gather and concentrate to create sacred places that unite the physical and the spiritual realms. Together, these many layers of inter-penetrating energies create an exquisite web of light, covering the surface of the entire planet.


The different levels of the subtle energy web resonate with the frequencies of the Sun, Moon and planets, as they weave their perpetual, changing, rhythmic dance through the Cosmos. Some sacred sites are also aligned with stars and constellations. This web of light, connected with the heavens, enables us to feel and experience the astrological patterns of this cosmic dance, playing out in the patterns of our daily lives. The frequencies of the planets resonate constantly in the Earth beneath us, and we sense them through our feet and the energy centres, chakras and meridian lines of our bodies.

The intricate and vast energy meridians of the Earth are known as the great Dragon Lines and Leylines, some of which encircle the globe; they have been honoured as sacred by countless ancient cultures, since time immemorial. The places where these energy lines intersect and become concentrated are like the acupuncture points of the Earth. These are the ancient sacred sites, where our ancestors felt these subtle energetic, spiritual frequencies uniting the Heavens with the Earth. Here, they built the standing stones, stone circles, stone rows, holy wells, chambered cairns, dolmens, sacred mounds, pyramids and countless other ancient wonders, found in almost every ancient culture.



In more recent times, we find the great gothic cathedrals of Europe, constructed over these ancient shrines to the Earth Goddess. The gothic cathedrals were built using the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, each one resonating with the specific latitude where it stands on the Earth, pulsing out a harmonious frequency into the Earth grids, like a vast musical instrument.

When we gather with people at sacred sites for ceremony or sacred journeys, we work consciously with the relationship between the planetary alignments overhead and the Earth energies below. In effect, we become like the acupuncture needles for uniting Heaven and Earth.

We may be working with the energies of the Equinoxes, Solstices or Cross-Quarter days (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine and Lughnasadh), or with the energies of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse, or a particularly powerful planetary conjunction or alignment of planets overhead.


Whatever we are working with, we try to mirror the energies of the Heavens above onto the Earth below, as closely as possible. We may prepare ourselves for this by first aligning our personal chakras, the energy centres in the body, with the planets that they naturally resonate with. In some instances, we may mirror an entire astrological chart for the event, with each person taking the role of a specific planet.

We also create mandala patterns, or grids of crystals, specifically chosen to resonate with the planetary frequencies overhead, to help amplify, anchor and focus our spiritual intention into the Earth and the Earth grids.

This is a beautiful and balanced way to work co-creatively with the planets above, the Earth below and the sacred stones and gems that come from within the Earth, for personal and planetary healing.

Our intention is always to work first in service, for the healing of the Earth and our relationship with Mother Earth; when we do this, we quite naturally also create the right circumstances for healing ourselves. As above, so below.