our story

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We have been working together since 2007.  Prior to this, our paths had crossed many times over the previous 15 years. Marcus had bought crystals from Sue; Sue had been to talks by Marcus and had been called upon to look after his son - the nearest mother! - when he fell off his bike.

1994 to 2007

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Between 1994 – 1998 Marcus was working, with others, with Full Moon meditations inside Stonehenge and with the great landscape pattern of the planetary orbits that he had discovered centred around Stonehenge, as the Sun. He had believed that this work was completed at the end of 1998.

Between 1998 – 2006 Marcus worked with friends at sacred ceremonies and on sacred journeys, to work with the effects of Solar Eclipses on Earth’s subtle energy grids.

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In 1994 Sue had four children, the youngest of whom was 1 year old. She was busy being a Mum, cooking endless meals, growing vegetables, home schooling and in the early stages of working as a crystal healer and teaching people about the healing properties of crystals. She started the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing in 1996, offering courses from Introductory to professional Diploma levels. She took beautiful crystal stalls to lots of festivals where she also offered crystal healing and organised the Healing Area at the Big Green Gathering for several years.

She learned about sacred ceremony and undertook shamanic training; she led workshops for women and increased her understanding of the Sacred Feminine by retreating, every month, to her own personal Moon-lodge for years.

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2007 to now . . .

In 2007 Marcus realised that the work with the Stonehenge planetary orbits was not yet finished and that it was necessary to complete the work with the patterns of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in the landscape, centred around Stonehenge. He asked Sue for help and advice about choosing crystals for continuing the work that he had been doing in the 90’s.  This led them on a journey to Wales to work with the energies of Uranus, where they realised how they could bring together their many skills, disciplines, knowledge, wisdom and healing experience.

Since then we have continued the work with the planetary patterns around Stonehenge in England, Wales and France; we have brought together groups for Wheel of the Year and Moon ceremonies; we have convened ceremonies and sacred journeys for significant astrological alignments and Solar Eclipses in several countries around the world. We have combined our crystal and acupuncture healing skills to develop and work with Crystal Meridian Therapy, working with crystals on acupuncture points; we have produced a book on the astrological significance of 2012, and have another book nearing completion about the relationship between the planets, chakras and crystal mandalas. We have also been working on the land where we live, restoring it back to health following the damage caused by uncaring farming practice.

A bit more about Marcus . . .

I was born in Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor, and spent much of my childhood exploring the magic of the local countryside. The great, beautiful wilderness of Dartmoor became the inspiration for many childhood adventures. On leaving school I studied Law with a view to joining the family law firm. By the third year of study I realised that human laws bore little, if any, relationship to natural, cosmic laws.

The next several years were spent playing folk-rock music, doing a variety of jobs, and becoming consumed by an interest in Astrology, Quabalah, Tarot, I Ching, Mysticism, the Tao, sacred sites and Leylines. I studied Astrology in the early 1980’s with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and at various UK seminars with the ground-breaking Swiss astrologers, Bruno and Louise Huber. After practising and teaching Astrology for a few years I realised that this was not a reliable way to earn a living – before the advent of personal computers it would take an hour just to calculate a birth chart.

For a number of years I had been practising spiritual healing with an established local healer, and wanted to understand more about how healing energy works in the body. So from 1984 - 87 I studied 5 Element Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa; and then went on to integrate this with TCM (8 Principles) Acupuncture Training in Reading.

Throughout this time I had been fascinated with Earth Energies, Sacred Sites, stone circles and Leylines; this seemed to be a profound system of a once universal knowledge, understood and applied in every ancient culture on Earth. I realised that the three disciplines of Astrology, Acupuncture and Earth Healing were all mutually interdependent; in ancient times, they understood how to balance and maintain the relationship between the energies of the stars and planets, the energies of the human body, and the energies of the Earth – ‘As Above, So Below’.

In the 1990’s, I discovered the pattern of the planetary orbits, marked by many sacred sites in the landscape, extending across southern Britain and centred around Stonehenge as the Sun. I co-founded a group that met for meditation inside Stonehenge every Full Moon for 4 years. In more recent years, my Earth healing work has led me on sacred sites journeys to Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii.

Since 2007, I have been working with Sue, combining our skills, experience and understanding of many years of practising personal and planetary healing. I am deeply committed to assisting in re-awakening and embodying the soul’s true potentials, by remembering our deep, eternal relationship with the Earth, the Planets and the Stars. 

and more about Sue . . .

I was born in the industrial north, and spent most of my childhood with my head in a book, dreaming of gardens and treehouses. I studied psychology at university, hoping to find an understanding of humans and their relationship with the rest of creation. I didn't find it there!

After making the overland trip to India, I trained as a teacher and worked in social and community work before becoming a mother in 1982. This experience completely changed the way I view the world and made me think very deeply about what is truly important to me. There were years of involvement in feminism and various political activities, followed by a change of focus to personal growth and healing. It is now very clear to me that that these need to merge.

While exploring many alternative and complementary approaches to healing I discovered crystals - or they discovered me! I have now worked with crystals for healing for over 25 years, and in 1996 founded the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing. I have introduced hundreds of people to the wonderful world of crystals and trained many to become professional crystal healers.

I have been aware of the spirit world for as long as I can remember and found a context that made sense of this in the 1970’s, when discovering books that described shamanism. In the 1990’s, the teachings of shamanism and the medicine wheel found me once more and I realised that I had always worked shamanically. I have studied with several shamanic teachers, but what brings the teachings fully alive is how they enable me to access the deep wisdom that comes directly from the land around my home, and through the spirits of the river, streams, woods, trees, plants, animals, and birds.  For several years I have held ceremonies in the sacred circle of trees at my home, to honour the turning of the year. These, and many other ceremonies, have deepened my relationship with nature and the divine in all things. I co-founded Walk in Beauty with Lu Wray, to offer shamanic healing, ceremony and workshops and training in shamanism and medicine wheel teachings. 

For over 35 years I have been involved in women's circles of many kinds, and this love led me to seek out and explore the lesser known and hidden mystery teachings of the divine feminine; and to discover the true nature of the power of the goddess and the beauty that she can reveal about the wild spiritual power of woman. I am passionately committed to women stepping into our true and beautiful power, both for ourselves and our children, and to birth the new world.

I have been blessed to birth four beautiful children, now grown, and am now grandmother to a beautiful grandson. I live in the home I came to 34 years ago, with a toddler and new baby, and in which two more children were born. It has become a healing hearth for many people. I keep chickens and bees, grow flowers, vegetables and herbs, and am happy working in the crystal barn, healing and teaching, creating beautiful crystal jewellery, pottering in the garden and wandering in the woods. Marcus manages to prise me out of my home on Earth Healing missions and younger friends have finally persuaded me to step into the world of technology and begin to share my knowledge and experience with more people at this crucial time.