The Astrology of our Stonehenge Sacred Journey – Sept / Oct 2019

Ceremony begins - 27th Sept 2019 - 17:00 BST - Pewsey, Wiltshire

(You can ignore the technical Astrology bits, which are in brackets, if you prefer.)

To read about the intent for this journey, please go to our Sacred Journeys page

Stonehenge 2019 - 1.png

(The key figure is a Kite pattern, with retrograde Neptune in Pisces at the tail of the Kite, the Moon’s North Node in Cancer and Pallas Athene in Scorpio, at the wings of the Kite, and Juno conjunct the Moon, which is widely conjunct Mars, all in Virgo at the head of the Kite.)

Neptune in Pisces continues the on-going process of releasing the old paradigms from the Age of Pisces, so that we can move toward understanding and embracing what is now required to live in right relationship with all Life on Mother Earth.

This requires us to perceive and feel the inter-connectedness of all of Life and how our every thought, emotion and action affects the intricate web of Life and all beings on this planet. The Moon’s Node in Cancer and Pallas Athene in Scorpio carry the potentials that enable the Kite to fly forward into the future. Namely, by accepting and embracing everyone as part of our larger spiritual family, and by ruthlessly digging out, exposing and confronting any lurking attitudes from the past that seek to perpetuate division, separation or hatred.

Stonehenge 2019 - 2.png

(A T-square has Ceres conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, square (90°) both ends of the opposition in the Kite, between retrograde Neptune in Pisces and the Juno – Moon – Mars conjunction in Virgo.)

Holding the balance between the past and the future is the need to create and live by a new vision of our relationship with Mother Earth and Father Sky, by realising that they always have been mutually interdependent: If we do not honour the Earth, then we cannot honour Spirit in any grounded way, and if we do not honour Spirit, then we cannot understand how to live in a sacred way that honours the Earth.

Stonehenge 2019 - 3.png

(Ceres – Jupiter also make a quincunx (150°) to the Moon’s North Node, creating a Double-Ambivalence figure, containing two Learning Triangles within.)

Once and for all, we need to resolve the age-old conflict within our nature that any kind of duality exists between our spiritual self and our physical self and between self and others – “us and them”. Only then, will we come to understand that we are all part of the same spiritual and physical family. We need first to let go of the deeply entrenched belief in such a duality, particularly the ones fostered during the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Era, which has manifested through such notions as “Jews and Gentiles, Christians and Heathens, Believers and Infidels, Spiritual and non-Spiritual people” etc. This same, mistaken sense of duality has now also been translated into widespread nationalism, bringing fear or vilification of “the other”. We then need to feel in the core of our being how to bring those two complementary aspects of our nature into right relationship with one another and realise that if we all share common origins and if we truly are all one, then there actually are no others.

Stonehenge 2019 - 4.png

(There is a blue and red “Envelope” pattern, formed by the oppositions between Neptune to Juno - Moon – Mars and between Saturn in Capricorn to the Moon’s North Node. Within that is a Grand Trine and Small Talent figure focussed on Pallas Athene in Scorpio.)

The challenge presented by the oppositions is for us to let go of our past, move into right relationship with the present, and move away from allowing the old power structures of the past to control our thinking and behaviour, whether by accepting or rejecting these without due consideration. Pallas Athene means that from the stillness of our inner knowing we can witness and observe with ruthless clarity both that which requires release and that which we take forward with compassion for self and others. This requires digging into our emotional comfort zones and releasing any attitudes of complacency that may spring from trying to maintain those comfort zones.

Stonehenge 2019 - 5.png

(There is a “Sensitivity” triangle with the Sun in Libra in opposition to retrograde Chiron in Aries, with a quincunx (150°) from the Sun, and a semi-sextile (30°) from Chiron to retrograde Uranus in Taurus.)

Uranus is goading us to look at what needs to heal in ourselves, particularly in how we perceive self and others. Uranus in Taurus is bringing up the same patterns and attitudes that were dominant during the rise of Fascism in the 1930’s, when it was last in Taurus. We are being challenged to re-visit those attitudes and to decide very clearly where our true inner loyalties lie, either toward selfish self-interest, or toward the good of the whole. Uranus is revealing that we can no longer get away with half measures, and we can no longer sustain the contradictions in our nature and attitudes that have enabled us to believe one thing but act from a different set of emotional attitudes or gut reactions. We will feel the discomfort of such contradictions in our nature until we find a uniformity between all the levels of our being, at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and essence levels.

(The Sun in Libra and Mars in Virgo are making two single trines down to retrograde Vesta in Taurus. Mars is poised midway between the Moon and the Sun.)

Whilst our hearts may yearn for stillness, order and balance, our wills must remain focussed on achieving that, by being constantly watchful and taking note of every small detail and inconsistency in our nature and rooting it out, so that we can experience the inner peace that we yearn for. We need to learn to see the intricate threads behind the tapestry of manifestations in our world, and really get that outer peace and harmony is totally dependent on achieving and maintaining our own inner peace and harmony. We are the ones who can achieve this through the peace that we can generate within our being. We are the ones we are waiting for.

For All Our Relations.


Sue Weaver