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weave your own dreamcatcher in a sacred way

We are blessed to have Linda Culpin join us once more to share authentic teachings on Dreamcatchers - their sacred purpose, how and when to weave and different traditions.

The Dreamcatcher holds the Magic of Dreams. It is a sacred object for self-help, made with willow weave, feathers, crystals, etc. We weave at night while people are asleep and dreaming, not day dreaming. We weave backwards, as time goes backwards when we sleep. We recall the day in case we have missed something that needs to be learned. 

The weave holds the good dreams allowing that which is not needed to pass through the centre hole. It can help to bring clarification or a deeper insight into situations or goals.

This weaving is a personal journey - for yourself. This workshop will not teach you to make dreamcatchers for gifts or for sale. The purpose is to create your own, personal Medicine Object. This is an incredibly powerful and transformational process. Year by year, each and every one of us who attend these workshops have deep lessons and insights as we experience the weaving.

Linda was taught the story and to weave by Tom" Grey Elk" Rael, a Picaris Peublo native American living in Denver. She met Tom 8 years ago when visiting America. She spent time helping Tom with his artwork and working the metaphysical shows with him. They travelled over many states for shows and visiting various shops he supplied.

Cost including all materials and tea: £30

These workshops have only a small number of places, so please book your place promptly.

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