Uranus returns into Taurus for 7 years - 6th March 08:27 UT/GMT

Uranus takes 84 years to make one complete circuit through the 12 zodiac signs. This means that it spends roughly 7 years in each sign.

After a brief foray into Taurus from May to November 2018, Uranus appeared from Earth’s perspective to go ‘retrograde’, apparently moving back into Aries over the winter months (in the northern hemisphere). Now, in readiness for the new beginnings of Spring, it has gone direct again and is returning into Taurus, where it will remain for the next 7 years. Uranus always requires that we wake up to what is true, so we need to pay attention, because the next 7 years are crucial for the future of our planet!

Uranus - Hubble.jpg

Uranus’ goal is to connect us with universal truth. It tends to do this by breaking through or breaking down structures or attitudes that are preventing us from seeing or understanding what the truth is. Taurus is about appreciating, honouring and embracing the beauty, richness and abundance of the physical Earth and all that she has to offer us and teach us.

The last time Uranus entered Taurus was 84 years ago in 1935, when it heralded the rise of fascism in Europe. It has been troubling me to try to understand how that relates to awakening to universal truth and honouring the abundant potentials of the Earth.

Uranus in Taurus is concerned with bringing the truth of our individual Spirit to Earth. How it manifests on Earth depends very much on what we understand and interpret the nature of Spirit to be. Uranus in Taurus is concerned with bringing our highest ideals into physical manifestation. So now it begins to make a bit more sense - say what you will about Hitler, no-one could accuse him of not having had any ideals, albeit completely obnoxious ones!

Already again, we have been seeing the negative side of Uranus in Taurus rearing its ugly head, with the emergence of various extremes of nationalism in Europe, America and elsewhere. The problem with Uranus comes when we confuse ‘my’ truth with ‘the’ truth. For Uranus, truth is an objective reality, it simply is what it is, which is why Uranus can sometimes appear to be very harsh and uncompromising. It does not pander to our personal agendas, our personal shortcomings or inadequacies, nor to the limited opinions of our egos, or the limited understanding of our intellects. Uranus’ ultimate goal is to wake us up to the reality of the unlimited potentials of our Spirit, which is far greater than all of the above concerns.

On a personal level, we need to challenge the places where our own life experiences have led us to accept limited versions of what is true. We also need to be ruthlessly aware and rigorously challenge the outright lies that are masquerading as truth, in order to control us with harsh and cruel agendas. Alternatively, we can reach for the unlimited potentials that Uranus in Taurus has to offer over the next 7 years. This can enable us to bring to Earth our highest spiritual ideals in ways that will enhance our appreciation and understanding of the intricate beauty of Mother Earth and bring unimagined benefits to the planet.

The question is, are we willing to let go of all attachments to these limitations and distortions of truth, which inevitably stand in the way of realising those ideals or, by turning them to personal advantage, will prevent them from being applied for the good of the whole?

Let’s take a look at the chart pattern, for the moment when Uranus returns into Taurus on 6th March, because that reveals the seed that can grow and flourish over the next 7 years.

(The technical Astrology bits are in brackets – you can ignore them and just read the rest if you prefer.)

Uranus into Taurus 2019 - 1.png

(The dominant figure is the Grand Cross – the big red square. This has Uranus in Taurus in opposition to retrograde Pallas Athene in Libra. These are making 90° squares to the Moon’s North Node in Cancer, in opposition to the South Node conjunct Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

Connected into this is are two Sensitivity Figures, one with a 150° quincunx from retrograde Pallas to Chiron in Aries conjunct Mercury in Pisces, with a 30° semi-sextile back to Uranus. The other Sensitivity Figure has a quincunx from the Moon’s North Node to Jupiter in Sagittarius, with a semi-sextile back to the South Node and Pluto.)

Uranus opposing retrograde Pallas Athene highlights the dilemma between allowing change to happen for the benefit of all (Uranus), in contrast to trying to uphold what we individually believe to be true and right, even though those beliefs may now be outdated or no longer relevant (the retrograde quality of Pallas.) Both ends of this opposition may appear on the surface to be well-motivated with good and noble goals; but we need to dig a bit deeper to discover if there are any hidden agendas behind these goals.

Uranus into Taurus 2019 - 2.png

The sensitivity Figure to Chiron in the first degree of Aries, conjunct Mercury in the last degree of Pisces means that there is the potential for real healing to occur, and a new cycle of creativity to begin, once we are truly willing to let go of our cherished ideas from the past. If we are not willing to let go of these, then true healing cannot occur, and we will end up carrying the same old problems and distortions of truth through into the next 50-year cycle of Chiron.

The North Node in Cancer is clearly and simply concerned with doing what is good, right and nurturing for ourselves, our families and our “neighbours”. The question we need to be asking ourselves is “who is my neighbour?” The South Node with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn are about confronting and testing the structures that support those to whom we give power over us. We can be sure that Uranus will find and reveal the weak spots and failings in those structures, and Pallas will ensure that justice is done, although with Pallas being retrograde, such justice may take a while.

The other Sensitivity Figure, to Jupiter in Sagittarius is teaching us that we need to widen our perspective on who is our neighbour and go beyond narrow, nationalistic or partisan attitudes. The Sabian symbol for Jupiter’s degree (23° Sagittarius) is “immigrants entering a new country.” The semi-sextile link from Jupiter to the Moon’s South Node (to do with the ancient past), is a reminder that ultimately, we have all arrived where we are today as a result of the migration of our ancestors from somewhere else.

Uranus into Taurus 2019 - 3.png

(From Saturn, there is a Small Talent Figure with a 120° trine to Mars in Taurus, which has a 60° sextile to Vesta conjunct Neptune, Sun and Moon in Pisces, which are all sextile back to Saturn.)

The trine in this figure indicates that the structures that need to persist, whilst Uranus is breaking things down, should be based on a live and let live attitude. At the apex of the figure, the conjunction of Vesta, Neptune and the Sun means that to achieve such an attitude, all we need is to have an open heart. This is achieved by first allowing our heart to be open to the those who are close to us, and then simply allowing that openness to extend outwards as unconditional love to all. Vesta with Neptune enables a merging of the personal heart with the universal heart, by recognising our common humanity.

Uranus into Taurus 2019 - 4.png

(A T-square from the Moon conjunct Sun, Neptune and Vesta in Pisces, has 90° squares to Juno in Gemini and to Ceres in Sagittarius, which are in opposition. There is also a Small Learning Figure, with a 150° quincunx from Ceres to Mars and a 30° sextile from Mars back to Moon, Sun, Neptune, Vesta.)

Whilst maintaining an open heart, it is crucial for our sense of emotional balance that we should be free to use discernment and communicate clearly that there are certain criteria required for us to stay in right relationship with self and others. A most important part of being in true right relationship is to feel that not only can we nurture our own needs and the needs of those we love, but also to respect and nurture the needs of all others and to protect the planet on which we live. When we see situations that do not meet these criteria, then we need to understand what is appropriate and right action, in order to effectively bring about change.

Uranus into Taurus 2019 - 5.png

(There is a Double Ambivalence Figure, which has two Learning Triangles, formed by the 150° quincunx between retrograde Pallas Athene in Libra and Chiron in Pisces.)

We are faced with making difficult choices and defining where our true inner and outer boundaries lie, so that we can let go of our past (South Node), and be free to step into a new, positive future (North Node), without being tempted to bring along any of the ‘baggage’ from the past. Therein lies true healing.