New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse

Here (just in the nick of time) is Marcus' take on the ASTROLOGY of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on 2 July 2019
Maximum Eclipse at 19:16 Universal Time - UT / GMT 
(20:16 BST, 21:16 CEDT)

(You can ignore the techincal Astrology bits, which are in brackets, if you prefer.)

The Eclipse begins at 18:04 UT and passes over the South Pacific, with the Sun’s and Moon’s north-south meridians aligned over Rapa Nui / Easter Island, 5 minutes after Maximum Eclipse. Rapa Nui will experience about 80% eclipse. The Eclipse path continues over Chile and Argentina, with the Eclipse ending over Buenos Aires at 20:42 UT.

Two patterns dominate the Astrology chart for this Eclipse – a large red right-angled triangle (T-sqaure) and a large blue triple equilateral triangle (Grand Trine).

These two patterns mean that this Eclipse will highlight the increasing sense of polarisation, being felt and experienced by many people around the world. It truly is time for everyone on the planet to decide where their true loyalties lie.


On the one hand, is the triangular red T-square, where the Eclipse energy is being focussed.

(This pattern has the Moon eclipsing and Sun, conjunct the North-Node in Cancer; these are in opposition to the conjunction of the South Node with retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Both ends of the opposition are being squared by Pallas Athene in Libra.)

The purpose of any Solar Eclipse is to enable us to let go of what no longer serves us (at the Moon’s South Node) and to allow a new paradigm or new way of being to emerge (at the Moon’s North Node) from out of the ashes of the past. When the focus of the Moon eclipsing the Sun occurs at the North Node, as now, this means that there is the possibility to step through into new possibilities and a brighter, more caring future, with the awareness that we are all related and that ultimately everyone on this planet is part of our larger family.

However, in order for this awareness to become a reality, we must let go of the old power paradigms of the past, which are tied up in the conjunction of retrogrades Saturn and Pluto, with the South Node in Capricorn.

Retrogrades Saturn and Pluto are trying every trick in the book to try to cling onto and perpetuate the old power paradigms of the past, like some hideous real-life reflection of the worst protagonists of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. It is no mere coincidence that this tale of power, greed, lust, betrayal and treachery has been reaching such a wide global audience – it is acting as a wake-up call for everyone!

Holding the balance in the T-square is Pallas Athene in Libra. She represents the uncompromising truth and honesty of the intuitive mind’s ability to cut right to the heart of the issues, so see things for what they truly are and to speak her truth in order to restore balance, no matter what the cost. In this way, what needs to be released from the past can be released and what needs to be welcomed into the future for the good of all, can be welcomed and allowed to grow and flourish.

TSE - July 2019 - 2.png

On the other hand, is the triple Grand Trine, which is showing the rewards that may come, when we answer the call of Pallas Athene to stand in our truth and walk our talk.

(The Grand Trine has Chiron in Aries trine Juno conjunct Mercury and Mars in Leo, which are trine to retrograde Ceres just inside Sagittarius.)

Chiron in Aries is bringing the possibility for personal and planetary healing to every individual. The trine to Mars-Mercury-Juno in Leo means that healing will come when our actions and thoughts spring from a place of right relationship with all beings, first in our immediate world and then extending that out into the larger world.

A keyword for Leo is “nobility”. We need to ask ourselves, “are we thinking and acting from a place of nobility, from a place of generous open-heartedness, from a place of honour?” If we are, then we will do what is right for our fellow beings and, most importantly, for the planet herself.

Retrograde Ceres, just in the first degrees of Sagittarius is showing us in the most graphic an inescapable ways how our neglect of, or complacency towards Mother Earth, the living being that we all inhabit, may appear to be threatening our very existence, but she is actually in the process of awakening us to a new vision of how we might learn to live in harmony with the Earth, and our fellow beings.

Chiron in Aries is showing us that there are still plenty of opportunities and innovative ways to heal this relationship with our Mother, but that we need to start thinking right and acting right, right now!

Uranus conjunct Vesta in Taurus is calling us all, on a daily basis us to listen to the wake-up call from our innermost hearts. Wake up, now! 
For All Our Relations.

Then there is the upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse on 16th July:

Whilst Solar Eclipses show us the potentials for global paradigm shifts, Lunar Eclipses show us each individually how we may adapt to and manifest those shifts in consciousness in our personal lives.

We will each begin to understand the unique personal opportunities that are opening for us to live the possibilities offered by this Solar Eclipse, when we reach the Partial Lunar Eclipse on 16th July.

We are intending to be at the Hurlers Stone Circles on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall then, as Jupiter’s N-S meridian will be directly overhead there at the moment of maximum Lunar eclipse. More to follow on this….